Gianluca Maffoni (Brescia, 1991) and Marta Robiglio (Milan, 1996) work in cultural and artistic fields, exploring new aesthetic codes by combining different languages and media, such as interactive installations, software art, graphic design, video art and curating. Seeking inspiration in the intersections of design, fashion, music, art and science, they define an original and ever-changing style.

Since 2017 Marta and Gianluca have been working together.
As part of their collaboration with artist Enea Le Fons and Semprebello Studio, they created a Virtual Reality experience for Toilet Paper Magazine x Dom Perignon and the development of the Toilet Paper Metaverse in webxr.
In 2021 they supported artist Roberto Bruno with hardware and software development of his interactive installations exhibited at Ronin collection curated by The Art Program.
Since 2021 their NFT collection have been on sale on Foundation.
In 2020 they were lecturers in the course "Elements of Museology and Guidelines for Graphic Design" for the start-up course for self-entrepreneurship in the field of cultural heritage "ArcheoUp", at the Catholic University in Milan, supported thanks to the contribution of the European Union Social Fund.
In November 2019 with the installation Metamorfosi they participated in the Creative Code Festival in New York.
Since 2019 they have been collaborating with the Gagliardi and Domke gallery in digital promotion and social media curation.
Since 2018 with the guidance of artist and interactive arts pioneer Ennio Bertrand, they have formed the MRB, group, active in the production of computer-based works, interactive installations, virtual environments and sound art.
Between 2017 and 2018 they contributed to the redevelopment project of Museo delle Grigne in the framework of "Wikimania Esino Lario" promoted by Cariplo Foundation. They developed the new communication and graphic system of the local museum. As part of the project they created the new visual communication plan for the tourism promotion of the municipality of Esino Lario.
They graduates at the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in "Art and Technology" and "Communication and Valorization of Contemporary Artistic Heritage".

Art exhibitions

Demo Festival (2022)

The main festival of motion design in Netherlands.

Torino Graphic Days (2021)

Festival about graphic design with events around the city.
"Touch don't Touch" exhibition curated by OKK Studio.

Creative Code Festival (2020)

Event in New York who hosts new media artists from all over the world.
Curated selection by neverknowsbetter, creativecodeart and new_media_art at Lightboxnyc in New York (USA).
Nano Grant winner with the work "Metamorfosi".

Biennial of Technology (2020)

Institutional event of technology organized by Politechnic university of Turin.
Curated exhibition by Paratissima.
First prize with the work "Loverz" realized with Ennio Bertrand.

XIV National Arts Award (2019)

Institutional event organized by Italian Ministry of Education.
Electronic arts selection in the main exhibition at Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin.

Upload at Here4 (2019)

Independent art festival at Royal Stable in Turin.
Curated exhibition by Gianluca Mafffoni and Marta Robiglio.